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My favorite didj - an Alaskan Yellow Cedar crafted by Jai Dixon

Tim Whittemore cave didjin' in Woodson Hall in Kentucky Down Under

Tim Whittemore


Tim Whittemore here. Want to know a bit more about me? Here's a brief bio…

I've been a low brass guy since middle school where my brief stint with the baritone horn was quickly swapped for the tuba. Eleven years of college eventually led to a Bachelors degree in music. Tuba performance was the focus of that degree, but by the time I actually graduated from Salisbury State University in 1996, I was performing on didjiridu almost as much as tuba.

During my eleven years in college, I wrote an opera, helped found a band (Big Blow and the Bushwackers), recorded a few CDs, and built a number of instruments, from the flopophone to didjiridus made from nearly any material I could imagine. There was even the Didj Chair, which was a hybrid flopophone/didjiridu concoction. (Click here for pics.)

As with any creative endeavors, the results are a mixture of successes and learning opportunities. The opera? Well. There is an old saying that of all art that is created, 90% of it is crap. I think I raised the bar there to maybe around 95% or higher. Some of the first didjs I made were not bad, and some were far from awesome, but every one you craft teaches you just a little bit more. Decades later, the didjs I now make may certainly look like no others', but they play like a dream! You can see some of my latest didjs at the Didj Store page.

Not only do I play with Big Blow and the Bushwackers, I also play in the trio Earth Music Effects, where we create organic meditative music. Be sure to check out the 9 minute meditation "Heyoka Shen".


So where does the name "didjbusker" come from? Busking is the art of performing in public space for voluntary tips. Over the last couple decades, I occasionally have gone busking with my didjs on the boardwalk in Ocean City, MD where I grew up. If the weather is good, and my night is free, you just might catch me didjbusking on the Ocean City boardwalk during the summer season. Note - due to the latest regulation changes and goofy lottery system the city recently implemented for busking in Ocean City, you'll generally only catch me on the boards from 11th street and north.

Outside of music, I've also been dabbling from time to time in vector-based animation. You may start to see more of that work appear on didjbusker.com in the near future.

From music performance and unique instrument crafting, to animation, and whatever else my muses may offer through me, didjbusker.com is where it will be housed. Explore the site, there is plenty to hear and see.

Performing at the Australian Embassy in DC