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Liquid Didj



Big Blow and the Bushwackers began work on our 1st CD in 1993. In between full band studio sessions, our studio engineer and musician extraordinaire, Tim Starnes and I began working on a didjiridu based studio creation. The result was a track titled "Stinky Didj". It is track 11 on Big Blow's "What Didjuredoo?" CD.


Tim Starnes and I had so much fun creating that studio didj piece, that we created another. On Big Blow's 2nd CD, "Dangerously Stinky Didj" once again became track 11. (Insert your own Spinal Tap joke here.)


There were still so many more musical ideas to be realized. They flowed like water, and just like water, they could weave through almost anything. The Liquid Didj project was born. The mission statement was simple - create great music, regardless of genre, where the didjiridu was an equal musical member. With the contributions of over 40 guest musicians offering their immense talents, Liquid Didj achieved its goal, and then some. That resulting CD was titled "Liquid Didj-Submerged"


Now it is finally available online. You can stream a few full tracks here, and sample the rest on the Liquid Didj CD Baby page, where you can purchase and download the whole album or any individual tracks. (COMING SOON) Give a listen. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we did making it.