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EME Music

Divine Breath

by Earth Music Effects

Released 2013
Released 2013
Earth Music Effects' 1st CD combines Native American flutes, hang drums, didjiridus, percussion and more to create organic music celebrating Earth. Here are a few tracks - including our favorite - Heyoka Shen. Want it all? Follow link to CDBaby...
Earth Music Effects (EME) is a trio creating meditative organic music. Native American flutes, didjiridus, hang drums, and various percussions offer contemplative soundscapes. "Heyoka Shen" (track 4) begins with a distant storm. As it approaches, it brings a cleansing rain. As it passes, the birds begin to sing and the deep tones of the Earth begin to gently vibrate through the didjiridu. After the nine minutes of "Heyoka Shen", a tranquil balance is restored.