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Earth Music Effects (EME)



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Earth Music Effects

EME-Gary Karen Tim

Gary Hardnett — flutes, hang drums

Karen Marshall — drums

Tim Whittemore — didjiridus, thunder tuba

Earth Music Effects (EME)

creates organic meditative music that celebrates the Earth. The trio uses Indigenous American flutes, didjiridu, hang drums, moyo drums, various percussion, and even "thunder tuba" to create their soothing soundscapes. What's a "thunder tuba"? It's any regular tuba used to create the sound of thunder. You can hear it in our track "Heyoka Shen". Many more full tracks from our CD "Divine Breath" can be heard on our music page. From there, you can follow the link to our CD Baby page, where you can sample the rest of the CD. That's where you can offer your love and support by buying the whole album or any track you want to add to your personal music library. (That is after all the lifeblood that allows any artist to keep making new music.)

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